My Story

My goal is to simply ease discomfort and pain in the body plus give people the tools to do this for themselves.

For the last twenty years plus I have been a sports therapist, using a combination of techniques such as muscle testing protocols, soft tissue manipulation, deep tissue release,  plus other techniques that I have learnt during my time working with various teachers around the world. 

Before that I was a martial arts teacher, personal trainer, yoga teacher (running my own teacher trainings as part of a three man team)and anatomy teacher for movement students.

I have found all this body related knowledge has helped me to offer a more complete service from initial treatment to rehabilitation.

I would love to help you with any aches, pains and injuries that you are experiencing.


A Typical Treatment Session

A typical therapy session would start with some orthopaedic tests if needed. It would then move swiftly on to testing for muscle imbalances. After that would follow various massage techniques to enable a deep release in the body to remove constrictions. At this point there is likely to be some simple activation techniques to awaken the corresponding muscles and tissues that may not be functioning optimally. The session would end with some rehab exercises to cement the work done if appropriate. These generally only have to be performed for a short time, however, sometimes a longer term re-education and return to health plan would be implemented.