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Steve Bracken

& Mandala Health

Steve Bracken is a sports therapist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and anatomy teacher. His life long interest in the body and health inspired  him to create the mandala health approach to help people to improve their overall health and alleviate and/or manage their own pain.

Steve, now in his mid-fifties has been training since the age of 13 when he started learning martial arts. Over the years he has had to heal many injuries (in others through his therapy work but also his own) and now, older and and somewhat wiser, he loves to impart his knowledge to others.


Steve deals with chronic injuries and pain. His treatments include movement assessment, hands on modalities, and rehabilitation.

Strength & Mobility & Rehab

 Teaching people how to transform their bodies whether from an aesthetic, rehabilitation, or healthy lifestyle point of view is Steve’s passion. 





Steve gives workshops on anatomy and functional movement with the aim of making them fun, practical, and packed with useful information. These are suitable for yoga teachers, personal trainers,  and movement professional as well as people just interested in learning.

steve bracken

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist

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